Visible vs. Invisible, Knowledge vs. Ignorance, Living vs. Dying, Rich vs. Poor

Hello! I hope you are enjoying and have been applying the tips you’ve learned so far. This is our 10th tip! Wow!

Today, is a little different. Today, the subject is submarines – so literally let’s dive right in!

Okay. Almost anyone knows what a submarine is. Even an 8 year old boy probably has dreams of fighting epic battles in a submarine. It is one of the most fascinating machines in the world. Why? Well, the power of a submarine is simple – it can see everything and no one can see it…

A submarine is a deadly weapon.

In fact, I was a submariner in the Israeli Navy, and we used to say that all things at sea can be divided into two categories – Submarine or Targets. In other words, a submarine could never be a target.

But WHY?

You cannot attack what you cannot see! Makes sense…?

While this is great, it will still not be of much value unless you, the invisible one, can see everything.

Now, imagine that a submarine could not see the exact picture on the surface. Imagine it couldn’t for sure know what was around it – it would be quite useless, wouldn’t it?

In fact, did you know that really the only thing that changed in regards to submarines and made them so much more powerful since World War II was the fact that their ability to “see” the picture about them was greatly improved and increased? It’s quite interesting… Isn’t it?

So, what does this have to do with business?

Actually, everything!

A business is in a kind of war against the competition; against one’s own targets – ethically and fairly, of course. It can be fun or painful.

It is fun ONLY when you win.

The question which has been asked and tried for countless centuries, the question which hundreds of books and millions upon millions of words have been spoken about is how do you win?

Believe it or not, the fundamental principle here is quite simple, and most people will agree.

To win you need to be a submarine. You need to see all that is going on around you and have no one see you. They should only feel the effect of your actions – your torpedoes, your guided missiles.

As with submarines, nothing much changes in business other than the technology which enables us to see better, faster and further.

Think of any successful person or business… Do you know what they are doing internally? Can you see their actions? Or are you only feeling their effects? The latest iPod is Apple’s guided missile. The newest blockbuster film is a studio’s torpedo. They see us… they know what we will respond to – but we can’t really see them.

However, the minute one does not know what is going on in his business, for example, what each person is doing or where each project stands, that executive becomes the target and so gets continuous, unwelcome surprises.

The same principle goes for any aspect of business. Marketing is a perfect example. The minute you cannot see what your demographic or public is needing or wanting is the minute your product, your film or your idea becomes a flop, a failure, a target.

Today’s businesses are FAST. You cannot control a business without a system anymore – it is a fact.

The way to become effective is to develop the management tools that will allow you to see ALL that is going on in and around your business.

You need to SEE and hence CONTROL.

BTW – when I say control think horse whisperer, think orchestra conductor…

The fact is:

1.    You cannot control what you cannot see!

2.    To control effectively you must be invisible!

Therefore, you MUST be able to see all Communications, Tasks, Plans, Programs, Projects, CRM items, Work Flow Items, Issues and Meetings. That is the way you will be able to control.

If you do not have this ability – you are a target!

Imagine having a board that shows you all there is to see… A board that allows you to manage all workloads so that when you assign a task or a plan, you KNOW the person has the time to and can do the job.

Imagine knowing when some task did not happen…

Imagine a total certainty that all is under control. A full picture.

Imagine having your own Command and Control Center – what would happen if you could really have this sort of information – in real time?

Well… There is no need to imagine – I can show you exactly how it gets done.

If you are serious about getting effective – contact me by e-mailing to

For now, here are our Do’s and Don’ts that will point you in the right direction…


  1. Hope things will get done since you’ve just asked for them – chances are they won’t.
  2. Simply accept “OK” or “It’s done” as a reply to a task.
  3. Allow delays.
  4. Hope things are planned – they are not.


  1. Assign tasks for anything which you need done by a specific time and ensure you have a system that will follow it to completion.
  2. Assign tasks ONLY based on the performer’s ACTUAL workload.
  3. Establish a system in which people report task completion with all relevant data or proof and evidence that the task was done.
  4. Verify and follow up that any reported completion is actually completed.
  5. Ensure any result you desire that requires more than one action is broken down into a plan. If it’s a one step process – fine. Otherwise, the minute it becomes more involved, break it down to a plan – you’ll thank yourself!
  6. Have a board that shows all that is planned into the future – that is the only way to predict the future.
  7. Be invisible but make your presence felt.

It may seem a bit “complex” or a hassle, but believe me it is much simpler than to live a life of uncertainties – a life of being poor.

If you feel you are already super organized but want to improve, or if are not sure how to get from where you are to where you need to be, contact me and I will be very happy to arrange the needed help – it will change your life – I promise.

Best Regards,

Meir Ezra

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