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Visible vs. Invisible, Knowledge vs. Ignorance, Living vs. Dying, Rich vs. Poor

Hello! I hope you are enjoying and have been applying the tips you’ve learned so far. This is our 10th tip! Wow!

Today, is a little different. Today, the subject is submarines – so literally let’s dive right in!

Okay. Almost anyone knows what a submarine is. Even an 8 year old boy probably has dreams of fighting epic battles in a submarine. It is one of the most fascinating machines in the world. Why? Well, the power of a submarine is simple – it can see everything and no one can see it…

A submarine is a deadly weapon.

In fact, I was a submariner in the Israeli Navy, and we used to say that all things at sea can be divided into two categories – Submarine or Targets. In other words, a submarine could never be a target.

But WHY?

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The Organizational Cancer

Hello and welcome to TimeMaker’s next tip for efficiency and effectiveness.

Today we will be covering the silent killer of any organization – cancer.

Much like a body, the “organizational cancer” is silent. But what is cancer in the body really and what is the organizational cancer?

Most people cringe just at hearing the word “cancer”, but most people also don’t really know what it is… Continue reading


Hello and welcome to our next tip!

Today we will be covering a very important subject which most people know is important, yet somehow hardly use properly.

It is actually so vital that without it, nothing can exist. With it, you can take any dream in life, in business, even in relationships and make it come true.

It is, in fact, the key to ANY success.

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Hello! I hope you are enjoying and have been applying the tips you’ve learned so far. This is the 6th of fourteen e-mail tips. It is simple but effective, and we’ve included some helpful videos and the usual do’s and don’ts – enjoy!
Ah… good times… nostalgia… We love these sorts of memories. Imagine life with no memories! This is why our mental records are so important – so we can look back, think about moments, enjoy them and learn from them. But it goes much deeper, and this is what this tip is about.
A person uses his memory to make decisions by referring to past experiences. The better a person’s memory is (meaning his or her record and the ability to access that record), the more data he has to work with and, thus, the better his decisions are.

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Atmosphere is EVERYTHING…

Hello! I hope you enjoyed and have been applying the tips you’ve learned so far. This is the 5th of fourteen e-mail tips. I believe you will learn a lot in the following: 

In life, no matter where you are or what you do, the atmosphere of the area sets the stage for what is about to come. It is a kind of soundtrack to your life for that moment. If you arrive at a party and there is a tense and awkward feeling in the air, chances are the party won’t get off the ground unless something changes. Much like in a movie, where the music sets your emotion (is it scary, is it cheerful, is it sad…), at work, your environment is your atmosphere and your soundtrack. Your environment defines your state of mind and, hence, determines whether or not you are able to operate smoothly and productively.


Welcome to our 3rd tip! In our last e-mail, “First In, First Out”, we discussed the fact that it’s a necessity to deal with the oldest items in your inbox first – no matter what – and only then handle the more recent ones progressively. This is absolutely true – with just one exception:

For most of us, life is not a quiet and boring road. It is exciting! But it also has an aspect which we all have a certain love/hate relationship with – PROBLEMS.

There are only two kinds of problems in this world: good problems and bad problems.

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Emails – a blessing or a curse? …the secret !

Let’s face it – e-mails were created for chit chat and not for managing complex business. For that very reason, e-mails are the biggest time eater in today’s business world and all with very limited return…

Most executives notice they are so busy handling e-mails that they have very little time left for actual work or creation of future for their business. Funny as it may sound, e-mails become the modern day slave masters… Continue reading


Welcome to the first installment of our e-mail tips! Today, right now, you will learn the first of fourteen rules to e-mail efficiency. Let’s dive in -

In today’s world, for whatever reason, probably the hardest thing to do is to “do what you do while you’re doing it”. Again that’s, “do what you do while you are doing it.” If you can do ONLY what you are working on or doing, with nothing else involved, you will become a power house.

Conversely, when one does many things at once, he might feel like he is “multi-tasking” and getting more done, while in fact he would be much better off handling or doing just one thing FULLY at a time.

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