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Visible vs. Invisible, Knowledge vs. Ignorance, Living vs. Dying, Rich vs. Poor

Hello! I hope you are enjoying and have been applying the tips you’ve learned so far. This is our 10th tip! Wow!

Today, is a little different. Today, the subject is submarines – so literally let’s dive right in!

Okay. Almost anyone knows what a submarine is. Even an 8 year old boy probably has dreams of fighting epic battles in a submarine. It is one of the most fascinating machines in the world. Why? Well, the power of a submarine is simple – it can see everything and no one can see it…

A submarine is a deadly weapon.

In fact, I was a submariner in the Israeli Navy, and we used to say that all things at sea can be divided into two categories – Submarine or Targets. In other words, a submarine could never be a target.

But WHY?

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Hello and welcome to our next tip!

Today we will be covering a very important subject which most people know is important, yet somehow hardly use properly.

It is actually so vital that without it, nothing can exist. With it, you can take any dream in life, in business, even in relationships and make it come true.

It is, in fact, the key to ANY success.

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